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Let the new sod professionals at Keathley Landscaping change your backyard into a rich sanctuary of green grass. Contact Keathley Landscaping today and let us help you create the charm and pleasure of your backyard. We can install your new sod in simply one day in most cases. Front and backyards may take 2 days and bigger properties may take 3 days to finish.

A lush green yard is not just visually enticing and a delight to experience, but also adds substantial worth to your residential or commercial property. Keathley Landscaping’s sod setup service will give you the gorgeous, healthy turf your yard deserves.

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Seeding your yard from scratch using seed takes a lot of effort and time. Keathley Landscaping can take your yard from unpleasant dirt to a beautiful, lush lawn in just 1 – 3 days! We are sod professionals with years of experience and long list of happy customers. In addition to sod, we provide a wide range of landscape features and landscaping services in Allen.

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Our meticulous sod installation process makes sure a smooth improvement of your outdoor space. To ensure that your garden prospers we start by clearing away any existing greenery and preparing the soil. Our team then attends to underlying issues such as bugs, poor drain or weeds to develop an optimum foundation for growth. To make sure that your residential or commercial property receives just the very best quality sod we work carefully with our group to schedule its prompt delivery. Our premium choice guarantees freshness and supremacy in every roll of grass provided straight onto your landscaping project site. Our knowledgeable professionals have years of experience laying sod with precision making sure a perfect appearance. They make sure to align the pieces exactly and develop tight joints for an spotless result. To ensure optimal contact in between the sod and soil we use a specialized roller throughout installation. We then take extra care to water your new yard completely for maximum root establishment. This process is crucial in ensuring that your yard flourishes from the first day. Our commitment to excellence extends beyond installation. We supply extensive directions and maintenance suggestions for your brand-new lawn so that it can flourish in the long term. Our goal is always customer fulfillment through remarkable service shipment. Transform your home into an oasis of charm with sod installation. Skip the waiting game associated with seed germination and delight in instant gratification in the form of a rich green yard that includes curb appeal to any home or service. Do not let the inconveniences and prolonged wait times associated with growing turf hold you back from taking pleasure in a beautiful lawn. Our sod installation service provides an efficient solution that enables fast results without compromising quality or beauty. With our assistance you can have your dream yard in no time at all. Sod is a popular option for establishing brand-new yards due to its high success rate. With an established root system sod guarantees fast establishment and outstanding protection. Attaining a lovely lawn needs more than just planting seeds or laying sod. Its vital to pick the best kind of turfgrass that will prosper in your location’s climate and soil conditions while also looking sensational year round. Our team takes this responsibility seriously by thoroughly choosing only superior quality sods from trusted suppliers who share our commitment to quality. With correct care and attention over time you can enjoy an remarkable lawn that’s both visually enticing and resilient against environmental challenges.



Sodding is generally utilized for yards, golf courses, and sports stadiums around the globe. In residential construction, it is sold to landscapers, home contractors or resident who use it to develop a lawn quickly and avoid soil disintegration. Sod can be used to repair a little area of lawn, golf course, or athletic field that has actually passed away and is used as a quicker option to re-growing a yard from seed. Sod is likewise efficient in increasing cooling, improving air and water quality, and helping in flood prevention by draining water.

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Zoysia is a popular option for property owners searching for a low-maintenance and long lasting yard. Zoysia grass has a great texture, drought-tolerance, shade-tolerance and is an exceptional alternative for homeowners searching for a low-maintenance and long lasting lawn. It is soft to walk on, however durable and grows gradually, requiring less mowing, watering, and fertilizing than other types of grass.

St. Augustine

St. Augustine (Stenotaphrum secundatum) (likewise called Charleston grass in South Carolina and Buffalo Turf in Australia) is warm-season, seasonal lawn that is a widely utilized. A native yard of tropical origin that extends from marshes (salt and freshwater), lagoon fringes, and sandy beach ridges.

St. Augustine lawns are a popular coarse, broad– bladed coarse yard planted throughout numerous areas of the Southeastern United States This yard is found in Mexico, Australia, and in tropical parts of Africa. It is a warm-season lawn that does not deal with winter extremely well. The majority of this grass is planted in vegetative types (such as plugs and sod), as seeds are not usually available due to production problems.


Bermuda is rather commonly utilized for golf courses and sports fields throughout the southern parts of the United States. It endures a series of environments in the U.S., from hot and damp lagoons, inlets, and bays of the Gulf Coast, to the arid stretches of terrain like plains and deserts in the Southwest and parts of the Lower Midwest. Established bermuda grass is a network of shoots, rhizomes, stolons, and crown tissue together that normally form a thick plant canopy. This thick plant canopy can be used to propagate clonal ranges by sod, sprigs, or plugs. The aggressive and resistant nature of Bermuda grass makes it not only an outstanding turfgrass however likewise a difficult and invasive weed in land cultivated for other purposes. Its one noted weak point is its reasonably low tolerance of shade. Given the economic importance of Bermuda yard (as a sod product, agricultural forage, and, at times, as an invasive weed), it has been the topic of various research studies.

Tall Fescue

Tall fescue (Festuca spp.) is a cool-weather group of grasses originating in Europe, typically used as sod. It is moderately tolerant to both dry spell and cold, and as such is particularly popular in inland temperate environments described in the turf and landscaping industries as the “shift zone”, where summers are too hot for most cool-weather grasses, yet winters are too cold for a lot of warm-weather lawns. Fescue is well-adapted to clay soils, moderately shade-tolerant, and somewhat resistant to illness, yet susceptible to the diseases brown patch and Fusarium patch. It grows most actively (and hence supplies the most preferable appearance) in spring and fall, and needs frequent watering throughout summer. Due to its bunch-type development practice (special amongst common sod lawns), it will not spread undesirably or invade nearby locations when sodded, yet neither will it complete voids, and routine maintenance (such as overseeding with Fescue seed) may be needed to sustain a homogeneous surface. It has poor wear tolerance compared to Bermuda lawn, making it less popular for applications such as athletic fields.

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